Raja Bundela to step up campaign for a separate Bundelkhand State via TOI

Film actor turned activist and politician, Raja Bundela is all set to launch a fresh campaign for a separate state of Bundelkhand.
Although he has been fighting for the cause since long, this time the show will be different as it would include, besides demonstrations and rallies in Lucknow and Delhi, formation of network
of organisations demanding smaller states in all over India.

"The situation was never so favourable as it is today for a separate state of Bundelkhand. Chief minister Mayawati has already announced that she wants to carve out a separate state of Bundelkhand. The Congress
led UPA government at the centre is also not averse to smaller states and the main opposition party, BJP had also promised in its manifesto to carve out smaller states," Bundela, who is also president of Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha (BMM), told TOI during his visit to the city.

The state re-organisation commission headed by K Pannikar had also advocated for a separate state of Bundelkhand in 1995. The BMM plans to hold a rally in Lucknow in September followed by a similar show in Delhi. "We will meet chief minister Mayawati and remind her about the promise she had made to the people of the Bundelkhand. We will also approach the Congress top brass and request them to press for a separate state," Bundela said while narrating his action plan.

BMM's map of separate Bundelkhand state includes areas falling in UP as well as in Madhya Pradesh. "Bundelkhand has seven rivers but reels under drought. It is rich in minerals but poverty rules. No power, no roads and no infrastructure
or good higher educational avenues. The region has only seen politics of development packages, which, however, rarely reach people. Now only solution of all the problems of the Bundelkhand is to make it a separate state," said Bundela.

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Courtesy: Times Of India, Lucknow.


dear sir, i very happy to you are work with bundelkhand campaign for a separate state of Bundelkhand, i work with co. in delhi if u come delhi for support i will help u without any wish. regards kumar