(Blog) Fatehpur was mentioned in the puranic literature

Blog : Fatehpur was mentioned in the puranic literature

Fatehpur district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh Located in the banks of the sacred rivers Ganga and Jamuna, Fatehpur was mentioned in the puranic literature. The ghats of Bhitora and Asni were described as sacred in the puranas. Bhitora, the site of the sage Bhrigu, was an important source of learning. The Bajpai famiy from Mauzmabad has played an important role in the development of the city. Famous for their grandeur and literary frame of mind, the family played a vital role in the strugggle against the British. Vasudev Bajpai, a learned poet famous for his creation Hamir huth is considered one of the outstanding poets of his times. state of India. Fatehpur district is a part of Allahabad Division.Contents.

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Historical places:
Bawani Imali: This monument is the symbol of sacrifices offered by freedom fighters. On 28 April 1858, fifty two freedom fighters were hanged on an "Imali" tree by the British army. The "Imali" tree still exists, people believe that the growth of tree has stopped after the massacre. This place is very near to town Khajuha in Bindki Subdivision of the district.

Bhitaura: This is block headquarter situated at the bank of holy river Ganga. This is the place where renowned saint Bhrigu worshipped for a long time thats why called BHRIGU THAURA. Here, flow of river Ganga is towards north direction, which is very important from the religious point of view.

Hathgam: This is also block headquarter and birth place of great freedom fighter Late Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi & renowned Urdu poet Shri Iqbal Verma . It is said, this was populated by Saint Parashar .

Renh: A very old village situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Two decades before a very old idol of Lord Vishnu, made up of precious alloy, was found in this village . Now that idol is in a temple in village Kirtikheda on Bindki Lalauli road .

Shivrajpur: This village is situated at the bank of river Ganga near Bindki, which is a sub-division. In this village, there is a very old temple of Lord Krishna, which is known as "Mirabai Ka Mandir" (temple of Mirabai). It is said that idol of Lord Krishna was founded by Mirabai, a renowned devotee of Lord Krishna and a member of royal family of Mewar state.

Tenduli: A village situated on Chaudagara-Bindki road. It is believed that victims of snake/dog biting, persons suffering from parapsychological problems get relief from the temple of Baba Jhamdas in this village.

BINDKI: It's a very old city about 15 miles off fatehpur which was named after its emperor raja VENUKI. A very rich city by its secularism having fertile land lying in between river Ganga & river Yamuna. Thus, this is among a few oldest tehsil in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Besides having a grand religious and historical background, this is motherland of Martyr Jodha Singh Ataiya, and many other freedom fighters & renowned Hindi poet Rashtra-kavi Sohan Lal Dwivedi.

Asothar Asothar is a town situated in Fatehpur District of Uttar Pradesh. This town, lying between Ghazipur and Kishanpur, is to the south of Fatehpur and 14 km from Khaga. A lot of Jain sculptures were discovered here like smaller mound bearing five large Digamber Jain figures which people call the five Pandavas.It is also believed that Shiv Ling from Mahadev temple emerged from the ground.

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