(Article) Of Bundelas and Mughals, Palace of Datia

Article : Of Bundelas and Mughals, Palace of Datia

A visit to Datia was originally not in my original itinerary. While chit-chatting with a small group of travellers at Man Mandir, they described this beautiful palace in Datia that they had just returned from.

So on my way to Orchha, about 75 kms away from Gwalior on the border of UP (Jhansi being only 25 kms away), I had my taxi stop at Datia and was glad I did that.

The main attraction of Datia town is the captivating Datia Palace, locally called Govind Mahal (or Govind Mandir) and popularly called the Jehangir Mahal (Palace). It is overlooking the Karna Sagar Lake.

Akbar captured Orchha in 1604 and deposed Raja Ram Chand, Bir Singh’s eldest brother. It is said that Bir Singh, an errant chieftain himself, beheaded Abul Fazl (Akbar’s vizier, confidant and general) and sent his head to Salim (a young Jehangir). It is also alleged that this was done at the prompting of Jehangir, who in his memoirs declared that it was Abul Fazl who had abused Akbar’s mind so that he turned away his love for his son. I could not verify through historical accounts how much of this is a fact. Anyway, tormented at Fazl’s death and to challenge Bir Singh’s audacity, Akbar tried to have Bir Singh captured. Bir Singh teamed up with Jehangir, who by then was rebelling against his own father. Bir Singh and Jehangir apparently shared some anxious moments before either of them ascended the throne.

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Datia is my birth place. I played arround this fantastic palace called Old Palace in local language. I’m student of History n teacher too. Thanks to u for giving important information about Datia and its Royal Palace. ASI conserves and protects it but this indo-mughal style based great monument requires more attention from all about admistration, n.g.o.s and public bodies also, becouse encroachment of local peoples will damage this historic palace soon.
I want to correct some facts also which you gave on the top of this article, i.e. this palace is not called locally as Govind Palace or Govind Mandir or Jahangir Palace. It is called locally only Old palace and in documents it is mentioned Beer Singh Palace. Actually Jahangir Palace is situated at Orchha. And overlooked lake is called Lala Ka Taal not Karansagar Lake. Karansagar Lake is situated at east side of Datia City. so i wish correction should be in above article.thnks.