(Blog) Jhansi is bereft of decent leadership

Madam mayawati"s socil engineering formaula rings a hollow bell as her jhansi candidate the renowned alchoholic Ramesh Sharma lost MLA election by
34,000 votes and Paid his way back again for MP ticket . by the way he also used to be in congress and then helped N D Tiwari fight MP election from
his new short lived party, then went on to vacillating between sp and bsp, guess after his Sure defeat in 2009 election BJP will be left to welcome
him. Also the Bjp candidate the ex minister is a twice married man , has been expelled from BJp belong t o farukkabad highly corrupt with murder
charges against him who also dialled with uma bhartis party and bsp.
SP goons dare not show their faces in jhansi as the only candidate lft is of congress .

Jhansi is berefit of decent leadership .

Sonny Kapur