Bundelkhand Ekikaran Samiti, Jhansi


Bundelkhand Ekikaran Samiti, Jhansi

About Bundelkhand Ekikaran Samiti:

U.P. Bundelkhand has 5 MPs and 20 MLAs in 402 seats (Lucknow UP Assembly). M.P. Bundelkhand has 8 MPs and 35 MLAs (Bhopal MP Assembly) of 232. This is a ineffective ground of BJP — Congress — BSP and Samajwadi Party and independents.

As such there is no pressure group either in U.P. and M.P. govts and no common front to present our case in parliament.

The Bundelkhand Ekikaran Samiti through its work with masses has established a very strong base in more than half of Bundelkhand region with over 50000 members who have paid Rs. 10 to 100 per person and is progressing fast. We hope to cover the whole area very soon and influence all the political parties to help create a separate state of Bundelkhand or face the consequences. Happily politicians are coming around to this idea too.

Promoter Turstee - Dr. Pt. Vishwanath Sharma

https://bundelkhand.in/images/2010/Pt-ishwanath-Sharma.jpgWith his background of education in Calcutta and USA (1956-1962) and working in industry with resources at his command, Panditji have been working for the upliftment of Bundelkhand. His main areas of work have been education and health.

Pandit ji has been instrumental in the establishment and up gradation of many Schools, Colleges and Bundelkhand University besides encouraging all sections of children from primary to technical education. He directly controls the education of over 6000 boys and girls through his non-profit trusts and have aided in last 40 years, over 10000 boys and girls of primary to post graduate and technical courses, with aid totaling over 30 million rupees. He has also organized hundreds of very large sports meets through Rani Laxmibai Vyayamshala (Property and grounds worth (2000 crores) with indoor (4000 capacity) and outdoor (30000 capacity)) stadium etc.


  • To train the farmers in organic farming.
  • To establish a cattle care industry, train the poor villagers in the preparation of manure made of cow dung/urine, organic and compost fertilizers and commercial products like shampoo, soap, paint etc. thereby providing employment to them.
  • To provide good school education to the children at the village level.
  • To establish home industries for women.
  • To co-operate in solving the local personal problems of the people in the samiti office, at villages and blocks level.

Achievements of The Trust:

On 6th March (Shivratri) we performed Puja at Rani Laxmibai fort, temple with Revered Acharya Pathak Ji, who is the Peethadheeshwa of Siddheshwar Peeth. After the Puja we took a pledge to form a separate Bundelkhand State. We are getting encouraging results.

A systematic work began on 16th March in which a meeting was called at Siddheshwar Peeth. Thousands of people participated in this meeting. The same day, the UP Chief Minister sent a letter to the Central Government demanding for a separate State of Bundelkhand. Our thanks to the Chief Minister.

There is an excitement among the people that experienced people are behind this struggle for a separate state of Bundelkhand. All our efforts have been successful only due to the support we have got from the common people: for example we have got complete and sincere support from Laxmi Vyayamshala, thousands of teachers and worker including thousands of parents. It is due to their combined efforts that this demand for a separate Bundelkhand State has reached at the National Level. Similary Bundelkhand Samiti has achieved many goals. Hundreds of volunteers have co-operated and thousands have become members of the Samiti.

Website: http://www.bundelkhandekikaransamiti.org