(BLOG) Why Bundelkhand Is So Neglected! by: D P SINGH YADAV

Article : Why Bundelkhand Is So Neglected !

Lets first go through official data from Planning Department ,Government of UP about Bundelkhand

  1. Population 5% of UP and 25 % of it is from schedule caste .

  2. Irrigated land to net area sown is only 45%and UP average is 76%.

  3. % of holding less than 1 hectare is 70% so rest 25 % should hold 10 hectare. (by total area):O

  4. productivity of food grain is 13 qtl per hect while rest UP 21%.

  5. PWD road per thousand sq. km is 290 km where UP average is 433km.

  6. Number of persons employed in Registered factories per lakh of population is only 71 but UP average 228.

  7. These figure are more worse for bundelkhand MP part.

Where these facts are implying to ? should i have to mention that bundelkhand is undergoing regional disparity ?

Bundelkhand is scarcely located .Most of the villages do not have access to Roads if there is road to access then please don’t ask me condition of that.Our politician promise to build roads like Hemamalini cheeks but unfortunately landed up with Om puri’s one.well villages are so unconnected that u can not get single newspaper there . where people do not know what is happening outside of 10 to 20 km radius. Prime source of news is via rumors .

lots of area is not irrigated if it is irrigated u can not get fertilizers as Total Fertilizer distribution per hectare of gross cropped area is 36kg where UP average is 117kg . so productivity of land is so poor that average farmer can not survive with income from his land .this leads to get money from doing labours or may be by ill means like dacoits.

One conclusion should draw from above report.there is two classes in itself farmers one is arrogant ,rich while other is poor agriculture laborers.This gap is so wide and so deep that it force u to remember colonial era’s Jamindari system .this system is so preserved due to unconnection from main stream and neglection of region .gov issue “patta” for landless farmers.but due to increasing debt burden they hunted down by greedy money lenders ,most case those so called Jamindaar .

I have no words to describe situation industrial sector. Here , most successful entrepreneur are those who have decent criminal records and connection to political parties . Very widely spreaded industry is to get license of liquor shop ,Petrol pump or having lots of trucks and dumpers for transportation and exploitation of sand and Gitti.Some so called entrepreneur also make huge profit by building flour mill and they force that no one can build another mill . I am very sure, in their lifetime they never file any income tax return ,sales tax or give electricity bill for their mills. [..]
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