(Event) Vishwa Jal Diwas (World Water Day) Organized In Banda (Bundelkhand)


A joint forum of water & Sanitation led by ABHIYAN , Atarra and other voluntary organizations of Bundelkhand celebrated World Water Day in the presence of over 300 activists, villagers and Deputy CMO of Banda. The program was presided over by well-known scientist-social activist of Bundelkhand presently involved in planning this region's development by sustainable S & T based utilization of natural resources. 

On this occasion the situation of Bundelkhand with reference to water was the main topic of discussion. A number of speakers including Sh. KK Bhartiya ( ex ZP chairman, Banda) , Sh Ashok Kumar (ABHIYAN) , Shri Jagroop Singh, Shri Awadhesh Gautam, Shri Rakesh Mishra, Shri Suresh Raikwar, Shri Prem Singh, Shri US Pandey, Dr. O.P. Singh, Dy. CMO Dr Agrawal and Shri Suresh Soni of Mahoba. 

Dr. Bharatendu Prakash stressed the need of developing understanding of international scene and the politics of commercialization of water which is affecting the poorer population of countries like India. Bottled water commerce expected to be of the order of hundred thousand crore will capture all public resources of water, divert, dam and desrroy the natural floww of all the rivers and create a condition where the poor will not have any control. UNDERSTAND AND ACT IF ONE WANTS FREEDOM TO BE INTACT.

At this occasion both the senior activists Dr. Bharatendu Prakash and Shri Suresh soni were honored by offering shawl and NARIYAL in appreciation of their services to the society in the area of natural resource studies & planning and Sanitation.

The program was conducted by Shri Ambrish Kumar, Director of Gram Unmesh Sansthan, a leading voluntary organization of Banda. 

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Smt Shobhana
Kisan Vigyan Kendra, 
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