Govt. is flirting with the hungry farmers of Bundelkhand : Sanjay Pandey

During five year drought in Bundelkhand, nearly fifty percent of its total population had migrated to metro cities like Delhi & Mumbai. In search of their livelihoods they left their homes with bag and baggage . According to Sanjay Pandey ,national convener of Bundelkhand Akikrit Party ,about 6000 people are leaving Bundelkhand everyday .Nearly ten percent farmers sold their all belongings including land and pets at very low prices and migrated with family permanently. On the other hand about forty percent farmers migrated for the short term and may return back to Bunddelkhand in future.

"During drought in Bundelkhand region more than 500 farmers committed suicides till the date due to starvation and debts. These deaths also made other farmers hopeless and hence forced to migrate. After leaving their native place (Bundelkhand) they are struggling still for their "hand to mouth" in Delhi & Mumbai. Due to their poverty, they are being exploited badly everywhere. In this calamity they are even forced to compromise for their young daughters and wives in metros. In other words they have finally no way to survive easily. So they are cursing themselves for being Bundelkhandis." Pandey adds.

However the central govt. as well as state governments are playing very shameful game on relief work. Though there are several "drought-relief-plans" on papers but their outcome at ground level is nil. As the resultant we can say that our national politicians are flirting and teasing the 5 crore people of Bundelkhand .