(INFO) The Jhansi Festival, Uttar Pradesh.

The Jhansi Festival is organized in Jhansi, a town in Uttar Pradesh. The festival takes place in the February-March and lasts for about one week. The main aim behind the Festival of Jhansi is to showcase the arts, crafts and culture of the town. The perfect place for poetry lovers, it commemorates the memories of the legends who had excelled in the field of Poetry. A number of cultural programs are organized at the festival that includes folk songs, dances, mushairas and ghazals.

Along with that, the Jhansi Festival also serves as a promoter of the Ayurvedic system of healing and the use of Ayurveda for general well being. Hence the festival is also known as "Ayurved Jhansi Mahotsav". Other attractions of the festival include handicraft fair and traditional folk performances by local artists. Last but not the least, the festival is intended to advertise the state of Uttar Pradesh as one of the most accessible destinations for health tourism.