(NEWS) Jansamwad brings people closer to administration

Jansamwad brings people closer to administration

THE JANSAMWAD programme on All India Radio (AIR) will complete its two years on December 18. All sections of society have hailed the collector’s approach to redress the public grievances.

The programme is broadcast on every Monday from 3 pm to 4 pm. The phone callers from far flung areas of the district call the collector S S Shukla and other departmental heads and file their complaints.

In Bundelkhand people believe that it is not possible to meet collector or other senior officials and only influential persons are able to meet them. But Jansamwad has changed the view of the people. One of the callers from Banda even chatted with the collector and demanded hand pump in her ward. The demanded was fulfilled within seven days.

The collector informed that in two years, almost 95 episodes had been conducted, 1554 complaints had been filed and only 114 complaints are pending. Every complaint is given proper attention, the time limit of seven days is given to redress the complaint.

The programme is also a platform to broadcast the government schemes. Results have started showing as the number of enrolments in schools has increased substantially. In 2004-05, the enrolments in schools increased to 497905 from 460732 with an additional 37173 enrolments in the following year 2005-06.

Number of people suffering from malaria, TB etc has decreased drastically. During the floods in July 2005, information provided through this programme about preventing epidemics was so effective that only two deaths were reported. This was in contrast to average 30 deaths that had occurred in the past during this season.

Organic farming and vermicompost has become popular among farmers, while numbers of percolation tanks, ponds, stop dams have increased.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times