Administrative Setup of Kalanjara* Fort : B.N. Roy

Administrative Set-Up of Kalanjara* Fort

B.N. Roy
Ex. Head, Deptt. Of History, Pt. J.N. College, Banda

The celebrated hill for of Kalanjara is situated in Naraini tahsil of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh at a distance of 56 Km. From Banda. It has a long antiquity and from the very ancient times the hill had been a favourite resort of Saiva ascetics. Kalanjara was included in the list holy places of north India given in the Mahabharata and Puranas . It was the Chandellas who endowed it with a high political status and gave a distinctive position to the ancient fort. The Chandellas came to occupy it under Yasovarman ( Circa 930-950 A.D.) early in the tenth century. The occupation of Kalanjara hill (Kalanjaradri) was a significant achievement of Yasovarman which enhanced the prestige of the family and the Chandellas came to recognized as a political power. The Chandella rulers from the time of Yasovarman until the time of Hammiravarman (1289/90-1308 A.D.), the last known ruler of the dynasty came to be styled as Kalanjaradhipati.

          The administrative efficiency of the Chandellas must have been very high to be still regarded as a model of good government in Bundelkhand. The fort of Kalanjara was administered by a group of officials under the over all supervision of the king. Most of the officials were usually well trained in the sciences of polity and warfare. There is evidence of strong civil and military administration.

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