(NEWS) Badshah Singh's Claim on separate Bundelkhand state

Badshah Singh's Claim On Separate Bundelkhand State

UP Minister moots Bundelkhand state:
Uttar Pradesh Small-Scale Industry Minister Badshah Singh has claimed that converting Bundelkhand region into a separate state is the Bahujan Samaj Party's chief objective.

The BSP has been struggling along with the people of 25 25 districts in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh for the past decade.

" The region has abundant minerals, fertile land and hardworking farmers. Despite that, no attention was paid to its development and that is why there is an annual exodus of people to metropolises," he said here while addressing his party's regional conference.

Alleging that the state government had not initiated employment-oriented work in "drought-affected" Bundelkhand, Mr Singh added that several residents of this district were leaving after selling their cattle and land.

Courtesy: ONE INDIA