(NEWS) Rahul Gandhi favours reconstruction of Uttar Pradesh

Bundelkhand, Jan 17 (ANI): Congress General Secretary, Rahul Gandhi has favoured the reconstruction of Uttar Pradesh and called for the creation of a Bundelkhand State to solve problems in the backward areas of the state.

Talking to reporters while on an outreach programme in the drought-hit Bundelkhand today, he said, "The Central Government programmes for development in backward regions in the state were not being implemented properly".

"The situation is bad here and people do not have access to drinking water. People are migrating to Delhi and Mumbai. The programs of the central government are not being implemented properly in the state," added Rahul.

Rahul dodged the question about making Bundelkhand a separate state as a solution to the problems in Uttar Pradesh, but said that he personally feels it would be a 'good thing'.

"Discussions are on. My personal view is that, reconstruction would be a good thing. The rate of growth of the state had declined over a period of time, which needs to be looked into," he said.

Rahul is expected to visit other drought- struck districts.

Courtesy: ANI