(NEWS) U.P. Government suspended nine doctors as Pregnant woman dies after Hallet Hospital ordeal

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government yesterday suspended nine doctors for turning away a pregnant woman in severe distress, leading to her death.

The state government also ordered an inquiry into the incident that led to the newborn's death just outside the hospital and the mother's death in the emergency ward of the hospital hours later. A compensation package was announced for the victim's next-of-kin.

Maya, into her ninth month of pregnancy, was refused admission at Kanpur's Hallet Hospital early on Wednesday despite being in pain. She later delivered a baby just outside the hospital premises but the infant died minutes afterwards in the absence of proper medical care.

Deficiency of blood

Maya along with her sister Kusuma and neighbour Sohan Lal reached the maternity hospital in Kanpur from Tindwarin Banda district by an ambulance of the Banda district hospital. Efforts to admit her to the hospital were rebuffed after the doctors decided she required at least three bottles of blood.

"I expressed my helplessness and offered to give blood," recalled Lal.

Doctors at the hospital later shifted Maya to the emergency ward fearing action from the state government.

Maya's husband Bhola is a brick kiln worker in Punjab.

Courtesy: gulfnews.com