(NEWS) World Bank Project to help farmers in Bundelkhand by Kautilya Singh

Project funded by World Bank to help farmers in Bundelkhand by Kautilya Singh

The Chandra Shekhar Azad Agricultural University (CSAAU) of Kanpur has bagged the ambitious World Bank funded National Agriculture Innovation Project. The Rs 6.88 crore-project is part of the programmes launched by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) to improve the living condition of farmers in the drought-affected areas like Bundelkhand through diversified agriculture farming.

The fourth and final round of representation for the project was made before the World Bank and the ICAR officials in New Delhi on Thursday. With the help of the CSAAU, the ICAR will help farmers of the impoverished region to get loans, besides training them in breeding of animals

The ICAR aims to provide the correct information of farming and methods to increase crop production to farmers.

“Several things have been kept in mind for the project like poor condition of farmers, mainly during the drought season, and interference by the mediators,” HP Choudhary, the Head of Department for Agriculture Forestry and the Principal Investigator of the project told The Indian Express.

Choudhary, who was in New Delhi for the presentation, assured that finance for the project would not be a problem, as the World Bank officials have confirmed to provide more aid if required.

A team consisting of 10 agriculture scientists, technicians and other specialists will be formed for overseeing the implementation of the project.

“In the first part we will take up the management of agricultural fields, soil study, utilisation of animals and natural resources,” he said.

A Svayam Sahayta Group (SSG), a self-help group, comprising prominent people of the region, will also be constituted for helping the farmers to reap the benefit from the project.

“In the past it has been found that mediators were successful in duping innocent farmers. So the SSG members would ensure that the role of mediators comes to an end,” Choudhary said.

Meanwhile, senior CSAAU faculty member, CP Sachan said that during the initial phase, the project will lay emphasis in the Bundelkhand region.

Bundelkhand is a major example, where farmers are suffering due to drought. They have no other alternate source of income for their livelihood. The initial thrust will be on rain water harvesting and developing alternative resources of income for them.” said Sachan.

He claimed that preparations for the project have begun and the benefits would start reaching farmers from next month.

Courtesy: www.expressindia.com