(News) Bundelkhand women form Shanti Sena

Bundelkhand women form Shanti Sena

This all women sena (army) raised in the remote area of Bundelkhand region is fighting for the rights and dignity of the rural women who bore the brunt of drought and poverty. The women majority of them housewives and semi literate follow the Gandhian path of satyagrah to get their demands fulfilled, no doubt they have named their organization- Mahila Shanti Sena (MSS). In grip of drought for seven years this region has witnessed large migration. Men have left the villages in search of petty jobs to the far away cities including Mumbai, Indore, Surat and Delhi leaving behind women, old and children. The women who used to remain within the fore wall of the house suddenly found themselves at the center stage with the responsibility to run the family and to take care of the dependents- old as well as children. Challenge was not only from within but also from outside, as the landlords and contractors found them an easy target. As the incidents of sexual harassment as well as exploitation of the women increased the women decided to form an organization to fight jointly against the atrocities.

The movement that started in Godaya Kala village located around 80 km east of Chitrakoot is spreading fast as more and more women are joining the sena. The head of Mahila Shanti Sena, Savitri Devi (50 years) told HT that the foundation of the sena was laid by nine women in January 2009. "Now the branch of sena is working in 50 villages and over 500 women have joined the rank. There was no assistance from the government or the administration to the women whose husband is working as migrant labourers", she said. "When it came to our survival the Bundeli women decided to pick up the cudgel and fight for their rights and honor. The lone women are vulnerable Savitri said and added on December 14 finding a woman alone in Kol Majra village some miscreants entered in the house forcibly and raped her. Instead of taking action against the culprits the police protected them and terrorised the victim.

The volunteers of the Mahila Shaniti Sena gheraoed the police station and organised dharna. The senior police officers assured us that culprit would be taken into custody Savitri said and added since the cases of sexual harassment of women had increased the MSS have urged the women to move in groups.

Now the MSS is also focusing on the self-employment and health issues. The pregnant women are taken to the hospital for regular checkup and volunteers are present during delivery.

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its a good sign that some women are trying to dimnish problem of bundelkhand which is most backword and i appreciate you all that you are promoting such kind of thing ..... this will encourage those women army in achieving thier target.