(News) Delayed Rains in Bundelkhad - "Kya varsha jab krishi sukhani"

"Kya varsha jab krishi sukhani" (What's the use of rains when crops have already dried) -- The one-liner popular in rural UP aptly describes the situation in the state.

Situation is no different in Bundelkhand region, which barring 2008 has been facing drought since 2003. While Chitrakoot has received 61% below normal rains so far, Jhansi 45% below normal, Banda 48% below normal, Lalitpur 38% below normal and Hamirpur 29% below normal.

"Rains now will recharge our water bodies and ground water as well as save our livestock but there is very little possibility of reviving crops," said Pushpendra Singh, a social worker from Chitrakoot. Significantly, Lalitpur in the Bundelkhand region has already seen a suicide committed by a farmer due to abject poverty and overdue loans.

Courtesy: TOI & Ashish Tripathi, TNN