(News) MP has plans for Bundelkhand but farmers are out of it

News : MP has plans for Bundelkhand but farmers are out of it

Khajuraho is the biggest draw in Madhya Pradesh’s Bundelkhand region. Work on the international airport is on and the Government has drawn up plans to promote tourism in the area. Not that 80-year-old Ramdayal of Bhawanipur village in Tikamgarh district knows about it. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be interested. He is more worried about his five acres—knee-deep in water, with the water showing no signs of receding.

“First it was the drought and now it is the flood,” said his son Raghu, who works as a construction labourer in Delhi. Raghu and his family have a loan of Rs 42,000 to repay. The Rs 1,000 they got this month as part of the drought relief package announced by the prime minister wouldn’t be of much help since the family owes Rs 20,000 as unpaid Electricity bills.

While the Kutni Dam reservoir, meant to resolve the irrigation crisis in the area, is nearly 80 per cent complete and the MP government is in the midst of finalising an eco-city spread across 462 square km, the electricity lines in Bhawanipur have snapped after the rains.

Courtesy : Indianexpress.Com