(News) Mayawati's demand for separate state welcomed by Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha

Mayawati's demand for separate state welcomed by Bundelkhand Mukti MorchaRaja Bundela

Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha (BMM) today welcomed Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati's demand for a separate state of Bundelkhand, saying it will ensure "all-round" development of the area.

BMM chief Raja Bundela said Bundelkhand should comprise areas from both Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. "We want statehood for an akhand (united) Bundelkhand for the all-round development of the area," he said.

Bundela also termed the Rs700-crore package to the region as a "mere piece of paper" which would not be able to solve the problems of the region.

He charged, "It has been proved that whatever comes in the name of development is systematically siphoned off by powerful people at every stage, and hardly a drop is left for the parched Bundelkhand."

The outfit also claimed that 32 kings of erstwhile estates in Bundelkhand and Baghelkhad also stood for a separate state for the region. Bundela also charged that the region has not been able to get separate statehood because of lack of political will.

He vowed to continue the struggle for separate statehood, and said the BMM will take out a march from Chitrakoot to Khajuraho on December 16 to press for the demand.

Courtesy: Dnaindia.com