(News) NREGS Campaign joins hands with Plantation Drive in Bundelkhand : Srijni Singh

NREGS Campaign joins hands with Plantation Drive in Bundelkhand

The DFID-assisted PACS Programme (Interim phase) has launched the NREGS (national rural employment guarantee scheme) Campaign 2008, aiming to document over 2400 testimonials of beneficiaries of the scheme while raising awareness about the provisions of the scheme through village, district and state level awareness drives in 6 programme states. This will be achieved through a PACS programme network of nearly 500 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in a period of six months.

At a regional orientation and planning workshop on NREGS campaign organized by Development Alternatives and PROACT in Taragram, Jhansi, State government officials invited the participating CSO heads of Bundelkhand in supporting the state’s Special Plantation Drive.

“100 million saplings will be planted in Bundelkhand within the next 60 days, beneficiaries of NREGS will be employed to dig holes and take care of these trees in 100% survival of these plants,” said Commissioner Rural Development Manoj Kumar Singh. He added that “This is a great opportunity for CSOs to assess the success and discrepancies in NREGS as well as help the government correct them by bringing to the notice of authorities improper practices in implementation of the scheme.”

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