(News) Stop politics on new states : Sanjay Pandey

Stop politics on new states : Sanjay Pandey

https://bundelkhand.in/images/India-map.jpgSanjay Pandey, the convener of Bundelkhand Akikrit party presumes that the central government may look for its political mileage on the issue of formation of separate states but the government should not forget the factor of public opinions & mass participation behind the demand for corresponding regions as new state. Today, the reorganization of states has become a burning issue, especially after the Telangana issue many different regions are strictly emphasizing on their demands for statehood. It is a very big challenge for Central Government to get out of this crisis with righteousness as approving one separate state and rejecting other may come up with a huge cost. Although this is a fact that there is a strict need for reorganization of states in the country today because of rapid increase in population which is affecting the economic growth rate of huge states and also depleting administrative efficiency of development authorities, he adds..

Although, there is a struggle by several areas for the formation of separate states but Bundelkhand, Telangana and Vidarbha are essentially eligible to be named as separate state. Being Neglected since independence, these most backward areas today are quite undeveloped. Thus these regions need to be made separate provinces, so that focused development may bring them parallel to other developed states . On the other hands demands of some other states are trying hard to come up in this revolution for development. For example, Western Uttar Pradesh in itself is a well developed region but demanding for separate identity. Hence such superfluous requests should be avoided. Though the mass of such regions may get displeased but the central government should display its strong will power, consider the only reasonable demands. But, for justified demands there should be no reluctance to initiate the constitutional process for formation of new States like Bundelkhand.