Advocate Yawer Husain Qazalbash (यावर हुसैन कज़लबाश) : Author and Lawyer Banda, Bundelkhand

Husain Qazalbash

Pen Name : Yawer Qazalbash
Address : Yawer Husain Qazalbash, Advocate
Residence : Katra, Banda (U.P.)
Mobile No : +91 9415569677
Email : mirzayawer[at]
Profession : Legal Practice and Writing Books

Mr Qazalbash has inherited writing from their forefathers, whose works and vision are still appreciated. His father, a renowned lawyer and poet, always guided him with his deep insight and learning and encouraged him to study scriptures of all religions, besides his own.

After completing his studies at different universities, He entered the legal profession. Meanwhile he developed a hobby in leather tanning and had written many research papers regarding the Tanning Agents and processes.

Afterwards Electronics and Cosmology became his subject. He had to study Physics and its branches to understand these subjects of his interest. Later he taught Electronics at D.A.V. College, Banda for two years.

All these activities went along with his legal profession to which he still stick and hold position of a leading lawyer.

Published Books:

  • Only Science Can Prove, Word of God

    “Only Science Can Prove, Word of God”

    First Edition published in 1995 (Second Edition- 2005) by Abbas Books, Lucknow. In this book he has tried to juxtapose scientific knowledge gained through physical sciences and knowledge contained in Vedas, Gita, Bible, Torah and Quran; which claim themselves to be word of God.






  • Principles of Muslim Law “Principles of Muslim Law”

    Published by Modern Law, Allahabad House (Second Edition 2005) released by Justice Anil Ambvani and now translated into Hindi, has become and authority as it has been cited by different courts in India. Third edition of the book is coming soon.





  •  “Commentaries on POTA”

    Published by Modern Law House, Allahabad was the only commentary available but the law was unfortunately repealed.

  •  D.N.A. Evidence and its admissibility “D.N.A. Evidence and its admissibility”

    Published by Modern Law House, Allahabad and released by Justice Janardan Sahai on 06.05.2005
    It is the only book of its own kind.
    Second Edition is in process of publication.





  •  “Energy Concepts in Vastu Shastra”

    This book is written to negate the superstitious part and tried to usher co-relationship between living beings and the environmental energies and laws of cosmos.

    The book was completed a year and half ago and is in the process of publication.

New Books in the process of completion:

  1. “A Woman In Time Transit”
    it’s a pure anthropological and historical fiction, which is nearing completion.

  2. “Ultimatum” is a science and autobiographical fiction. It is in midway
    “Encyclopedia and Pedigree of the Entire Human Race” is an exhaustive and unique work of its kind in the World.

  3. “Lie About Lie Detection : NARCO Analysis, polygraphy and Brain Finger printing”
    This Book of forensic Psychology is nearing completion and would be useful to Forensic Scientists, security personnel, lawyers in general and of course the courts.

  4. NEW BOOK: "Truth of Lie Detectors"
    Narcoanalysis, Polygraphy and Brain Fingerprinting.

Beside this, numerous articles in English and Urdu have been published in his name.

He has also written scores of research paper and lectured in National and International forums and seminar. His research paper on Human Rights was read at Nagpur and Delhi. In May 2007, He was called to lecture and attend a seminar at Tehran. Seminar was well attended internationally, where Mr Yawer lectured on Terrorism on which on which one of my books exists.

His Book " Principles of Muslm Law" has been referred in Shafiqun Babi Vs Jalil Khan, Allahabad High Court 2006; and in Mrs Sabah Adnan Sami Vs Adnan Sami Khan by Bombay High Court (Judgement Delivered on 23 March 2010)