(Photo Gallery) Devastating Mines Near Orchha (Tikamgarh)

Devastating Mines Near Orchha (Tikamgarh)

The situation affects river, ground water,  villages, mine-labours, crops and the environment  but for whose benefit ?

Courtesy: Bharatendu Prakash, Vigyan Shiksha Kendra


Dear All,

I belong to Jhansi but mostly have stayed away. The portal provides eye opening information about Bundelkhand. While we continue to awaken ourselves and others about the requirement of the region, we should think of forming a group of young boys / girls of the area, who can take viitors around the area (tourism) and also convey the message that Bundelkhand Needs care and support from the government.

This could earn living for them.
Do we have some meeting sort of thing? If communicated in advance, I would like to join.
With Best of Best Wishes to one and all..