Statehood is the best solution for Bundelkhand region : BEP

Statehood is the best solution for Bundelkhand region
In a press conference organised today here at Press Club of India, Sanjay Pandey the chief convener of Bundelkhand Akikrit Party said that central govt. as well as UP govt. are flirting the four crore people of Bundelkhand by releasing their void statements on issue of Bundelkhand state. "In fact, neither central govt. nor UP govt. wants to create Bundelkhand state, they both are just passing the ball between themselves. If they both are truly in favour of bundelkhand state why they are not completing their own formalities in constitutional way ?", he adds.

Pandey says that this is the time to reorganise the bigger states of India into comparatively smaller states. With reference to population and area, there is no synchronization among the Indian states. On one side with over twenty crore population is the colossal Uttar Pradesh and on the other side is petite state like Sikkim with a total population of six lakh. Similarly, there is Rajasthan with three and half lakh sq. Km. wide area while Lakshadweep with only 32 sq km area. According to the facts, the rate of growth of small territories is much more than that of large. For example, the annual per capita income in Bihar is just Rs. 3835 while of small states like Himachal Pradesh is Rs. 18750. Not only in economic developments, small states are ahead in education, health developments, so if India has to join the tally of developed countries by 2020 then the reorganization of states and territories is indispensable. Giving the example of America, he said that America is united federation of fifty smaller States and hence its successes can be narrated by whole world.
Today Bundelkhand is a region famous for its misery because this geographical part lies between two huge states of MP and UP. So due to negligence from both sides it remained undeveloped. But if Bundelkhand is granted statehood it will be one of the most developed states of country.

He says, "Until the regions like Bundhelkand and Vidarbha are much away from the step of developments and facing starvation, envisaging India as a developed nation is meaningless. Same as the body which is claimed as healthy body when all the conception organs of the body are healthy similarly India would be notified as developed when all the regions in its boundary will be developed. By developing backward areas like Bundhelkand as states, new dimensions would be set up. Actually formation of separate states will boost the speed of focused developments. Bundelkhand, the area with tremendous resources just lags of good administration and carving it as a new state will bring prosperity to the region.

In conference, Sanjay Pandey also stated, " Very cheap politics has been played by the Congress and BSP on drought facing Bundelkhand. Due to political competition, both are only searching their political opportunities in hungry bundelkhand but doing nothing honestly with this ruined region.So the hopeless People of bundelkhand are migrating to metro cities with bag and baggage in search of food"

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