(Tourist Guide) Kalpi, Bundelkhand

Tourist Guide of Kalpi, Bundelkhand

Kalpi situated at a distance of about 35 km. east of Orai, Between Jhansi and Kanpur on National Highway No. 25.

Kalpi is believed to have been originally founded by Kalib Dev, a ruler of the area in ancient times. One of the eight great Forts of the Chandelas, the earliest authentic mention of Kalpi is founded in the annals of its capture by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak, in 1196. After this Kalpi saw long days of struggle for its possession not only by the Sarqi kings of Jaunpur, but also by successive rulers - Daulat Khan Lodhi, Hoshangs Shah of Malwa, Behlol Lodhi and Babar . Under Akbar, Kalpi became the 'gate of the west' and the starting point for expeditions to Central India. In the 17th century, the famous Bundela chief Chhatrasal made Kalpi his stronghold. Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi also held possession of the Fort for some time. Finally it fell into the hands of the British in 1857.

How to get there:

  • Air: Nearest airport is at Kanpur 70 km.
  • Rail: Kalpi Lies on the Jhansi Kanpur route, Kanpur -(70km) and Jhansi (145km) are the closest important rail heads.
  • Road: On National Highway No. 25, kalpi well linked to major towns in the area.

What To See:

The important remains at Kalpi are the Tomb of Madar Sahib, Ghafur Zanjani, Chol Bidi and Bahadur Shahid and the great enclosure commonly known as the Chaurasi Gumbaz, attributed to the Lodhis.

  • Vyas Temple
  • Lanka Minar
Around Kalpi:
  • Rampura
  • Jagmanpur

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