(Tourist Guide) Mahoba, Bundelkhand

Tourist Guide of Mahoba, Bundelkhand

The ancient Capital of the mighty Chandelas, Mahoba, lying at a distance of 140 km. from Jhansi, is another fascinating destination, The Chandelas, who were great warriors and builders, left behind an extraordinary legacy here. The impregnable Fort on top of a hill and a series of Lakes created by them are brilliant engineering feats and their successful water management systems are still to be seen today. Mahoba was once a center for art and culture. Bards still sing praises of its glorious days and of the saga of Alha and Udal, legendary brothers who scarified their lives for the honour of their land. Today, the town is also known for the excellence of its Paan (Betel) and various varieties of paan -leaf are dispatched to all parts of the country from here.

How to get there:

  • Air: The nearest airport is Khajuraho (M.P) 63 km.
  • Rail: Mahoba ia well connected with rail service.
  • Road: It is linked with the major cities of U.P. and M.P.

What to see:

  • Lakes of Mahoba
  • Temples and other monuments
  • Kunds
  • The Gorakhgiri Hill
  • Charkhari

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