(News) Illegal mining causes irreparable damage to monument

News : Illegal mining causes irreparable damage to monument

Illegal stone mining has caused irreparable damage to a ninth century Sun Temple in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. The temple — a protected monument — developed cracks as a direct consequence of the mining activity carried out 200 metres from the site.

No mining activity is allowed within a radius of 200 metres of the temple. Moreover, no explosions are allowed outside the radius but there is no one to stop the miners. "The blasts are triggered by huge explosions. The main square and the walls of the temple have cracked but no one is listening,” temple caretaker Chotte Lal Sor said. The state government gets a royalty of Rs 1.25 lakh from the mining lease granted by it.

Residents of village Mudkhera face the brunt of the mining activity. Many like Thakur Das, who lost his eyesight one year ago, have got injured. The state mining department, however, is yet to take any action. "The villagers have never complained. We surely would have taken action. Now that you have told us we will take action,” Mining Officer, P P Rai said. The red stone extracted by the miners is sold in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, where it is used in manufacturing cosmetics and fertilizers.

Courtesy : IBNLIVE.COM