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Prawas Society

About Us:

Prawas Society is a group of CAPART Young Professionals and Vigilant citizens. This group is involved in structured discussion since uly 2008. a formal shape was given to this group on 9 September 2009 and hence the Prawas was formed. After sits registration it was decided that org animation's priority would be rural bundelkhand and it will try to understand the plight of village will always work towards finding the solutions.

A non profit voluntary organization registered under the society registration act 21(1860). Solely to commit of integrate development in agriculture, we worked for women rights – empowerment, environment protection. Organization received public, office support and cooperation to materialize its dream of making the rural communication self sustaining and progressive. Its innovation in organization building to facilitate participatory intervention proved successful and recognized by different office and dignitaries of rural Bundelkhand part of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Vision : Creating new Hopes and Beliefs in society… Enabling a just and healthy society in which the underprivileged get equal access and control over resources, participate in decision making process and live a life of dignity.

Mission: To Repair, Reconstruct and Revive Bundelkhand…Empowering the community through capacity building with specific focus on women, children rights, Rights to food campaign, RTI (Right to information), scheduled tribe and fight to corruption for "law is equal for every one it's provide equal treatments and equal protection."

Goal: To Minimize the the plight of society by – Conducting structured consultations - making actionable plans – efforts for theirs successful execution.


Transparency                         -                  Honesty
Dedication                           -                  Commitment
Accountability                       -                  Self – Sufficiency.

Working Philosophy : 'Empowering people by knowledge Transfer'

Target Group : Prawas is focusing on the villages of Bundelkhand, where 80 percent of the population is engaged in agricultural activities, so there target group is mainly Rural Bundelkhand.

Strategic focus:

  • Agriculture (Water Management)
  • Environment Resource ( Our Future for sustainable development)
  • Tourism ( Heritage and Archeological sites)
  • Employment ( Shajar, Organic Agriculture, Handicraft)
  • R.T.I (Transparency of Government Scheme, Data Publication)

Prospective Outreach and Coverage: Bundelkhand 7 district of U.P. and 6 district of MP

  • 50 Blocks
  • 2000 Villages
  • 10,00000 households

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