Bundelkhand - Prawas Society (Functions)

Prawas Society

Key Administrative Functions

Planning – Making plans, strategies and procedures for future activities with constant of core team.

Organizing – Organizing and managing work force with strong chain of command and full information sharing.

Directing – Canalizing and direction the efforts of workforce in one direction for comprehensive results.

Staffing- Recruiting the workforce as aper the project's requirement and resources such as volunteers, part time staff, free/paid staff service providers etc.

Budgeting - Budget making as per the various phases of project.

Core Activities

  • Bundelkhand Action plan and agenda according to state/ central government policy.
  • RTI awareness program and consultancy for different issues with social justice – people advocacy.
  • Research work, Project analysis, Media Samvad.
  • To conduct Consultations, conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Brainstorming sessions and Training Programmes on current Alarming issues.
  • To organize programmes on national cultural festivals and other such occasions.
  • To make efforts for conservation of water for irrigation and drinking purposes.
  • To make efforts for agricultural advancements.
  • Efforts to build check dam, dug wells and ponds for facilitating agricultural activities.
  • To encourage vulnerable and backward people for educational, social and moral development.
  • To bring awareness of government schemes and efforts for their effective execution.
  • To open stitching, weaving, embroidery training centers for women

'Organisation would always be wakeful towards its declared Vision, Mission and Goal'

Network and Collaboration

NGO corporate partnership

Collaboration with UP Specifically Jhansi, Corporate houses.

Companies desiring to be more responsible do not necessarily have the knowledge, training, or dedication to carry out development programs. NGOs, on the other hand, have become instrumental in development work internationally, but they generally do not have the means and resources to carry out their projects efficiently in a sustainable nammer. This is why engaging business with the public and non- profit sectors to find common solutions to problems has been an increasing trend globally. We also desire suck kind of collaborations for efficiency and sustainability.

Supporting Partners: Networking and getting support from NGO's and eminent personalities working for the similar causes.

Publication : Plans for launching a Newsletter of Bundelkhand.in, India Alive, Prawas Society

What We Stand For

Knowing what values we stand for is crucial – otherwise we risk becoming everything and nothing that you know what we stand for. We stand for the following core values:

  • Maintaining safety and security while seeking peace and cooperation;
  • Sustainable stewardship of our environment;
  • Fairness and economic opportunity, access to quality education and health care for all;
  • Equal treatment of all before the law;
  • Fiscal responsibility, integrity, openness and accountability in government;
  • Personal freedom, security and privacy;
  • Respect, tolerance and compassion for different belied systems and cultures.
  • We should have clear principles “A society based on social equality, economical justice and religious harmony with rational and cultural freedom”
  • Simplified and approachable corruption free governance and administration.
  • Rural restructuring going back to “Independent village”.
  • Health, education, and employment, / self employment for all.
  • Aiming at development of addiction free and fearless society.
  • Water management, agricultural reforms and stringent implementation of environment.
  • To end dividing regionalism and enhance uniting humanitarian nationalism.

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