(Article) Its an initiative to make Bundelkhand one of the hottest tourist destinations of India


“BUNDELKHAND”the real treasure of incredible india,there is a place called JHANSI,famous for the enthusiastic freedom fighter who sacrificed her life for the freedom of incred!ble ind!a and fought against them,she was among the most aggresive freedom fighters of india, only because of her efforts britishers ran away,there is a fort in jhansi which got constructed by raja bir singh ju deo in 1613,museum,major dhyanchand who used to be called the magician of hockey a play ground of his name is there,lots of temples are there some of them are leher ki devi,kaimaasan temple,there is also a world famous shrine st.judes where every year lakhs of devotees come from different parts of the country,there is also a big and beautiful mosque marquz which is d biggest in the city,for sikhs there is a gurudwara which is located in the heart of the city,all the people of different relegion
stay here peacefully,Jhansi is also a junction so there is no problem of accessibility,its direcrly connected with delhi,mumbai,bangalore,kolkata,jammu and many more,so once in a life one should come and visit the place of Maharani Laxmi bai a legend.."

There is also one eye catchy and worth visiting destination called"Garhmau lake" The beauty begins here,I think this is the best line to describe the beautifulness of the place which is only 12 kms and also very much accessible from jhansi,I think the scenic view of garhmau lake can easily attract the attention of the visitors,the quality of water and the lake is located between the small mountains which make this place a real paradise,the garhmau lake starts from garhmau only and ends with the distance of 5 kms from garhmau to the paalar village,when you start your journey from garhmau to paalar you will get to see the small mountains throughout the 5 kms road which gives shelter to the lake from both the sides,you will get to see the famous anjani maa temple the mother of lord hanuman,one cave is there the myth regarding cave is that noone can enter into the cave if anybody dares to enter he will never come back from the deep cave so people get afraid in going inside and also lots of bats have made their home inside the cave so its also difficult to get enter, the best part is people of paalar village, I myself had a great experience wan I visited this lake first time,local community treats you with full of hospitality and people are very humble and cooperative so its worth visit once in life time,I won't say once in alife time because if anybody goes there he or she will fall in love with the beauty and scenic view of the lake that he will for sure come and visit many times in future people are not at all aware about this natural beauty and real paradise in jhansi that's why this place is still unable to attract tourists,once they get to know they will frequently visit this paradise on earth.

By : Syed Farhan Zubair
(Tourism activist)