(Story) Herbs swing Bundelkhand tribals’ fortune

Herbs swing Bundelkhand tribals’ fortune

Over the past eight years, Bhure Kol has added two rooms to his house, replaced its thatched roof with corrugated iron sheets and bought a second—hand moped. The illiterate tribal from Masaura, Lalitpur in Bundelkhand owes his prosperity to the rich herbal haul made by the family of six.

The demand for ware on sale — Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) known popularly as Indian ginseng, White Museli (chiorophytum barivillianum) touted as desi Viagra, and other assorted prized herbs has gone up manifold. Therefore the market is growing, price is good and most importantly buyers turn up at his doorsteps saving him a business trip out of the quiet little hamlet to Jhansi.

A hotbed of intense political activity, Bundelkhand is fast turning into a favourite hunting ground for big players in the alternative medicine. The region, in league with Orissa and Chattisgarh with its abundant medicinal plant produce, is equally vulnerable due to endemic poverty and therefore a gold mine waiting to be exploited by mushrooming herbal industry in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. All they have to do is to send smart agents to pay the tribals advance money during lean seasons and then buy at their own rates. Luckily for them government offers little competition.  Read more..
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