(ARTICLE) Between floods and drought : Bharat Dogra

(ARTICLE) Between floods and drought : Bharat Dogra



An oppressive socio-economic system, deteriorating environment, fickle weather patterns and wrong priorities on the part of the government together ensure an endless cycle of disasters for the people of Bundelkhand.

Photo: Bharat Dogra

Caught in a vicious circle: The parched villages of Bundelkhand.


Providing relief to the parched land and distressed people of Bundelkhand region is becoming a matter of high priority because in recent years many hunger deaths and farmers’ suicides have been reported and distress conditions appear to be peak ing during this summer.

Bundelkhand’s mythology and history are full of inspiring stories. Its temples, tanks and other traditional water sources serve as reminders of the days when people felt inspired to create great works of art as well as utility. The reality of today, however, is very grim.

Spread over about 69,000 sq. km. in seven districts of Uttar Pradesh (Chitrakut, Banda, Jhansi, Jalaun, Hamirpur, Mahoba and Lalitpur) and six districts of Madhya Pradesh (Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Damoh, Sagar, Datia and Panna), Bundelkhand has been appearing in the news mostly for wrong reasons. Acute drought and distress including starvation deaths involving particularly the Sahariya community, numerous cases of acute exploitation and land grabbing from Kol tribals, and the killings and abductions by dacoit gangs.

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Dear Bandaists,

Say Thanks to Dogra Sir,
For giving us a glimpse of Poorness of Bundelkhand...
But still the screen displayed by u is short and we have to look at the bigger picture.. abt environmental issues. They are the prime cause of all the mess. Foe example::Whts the most cruel feature of Farmers..ofcourse Drought and Flood and Parched land..Why so?/ Coz of Environmetal Degradation... So u have to look forward for Tree Plantation Programme Goinng to be held acroos whole UP on 31st July.
Log on to www.forest.up.nic.in for details..Be a part to be proud on!!

Aamir Hussain,
Swaraj Colny, Banda (U.P.)