(Article) Bundelkhand Development Catalyst

(Article) Bundelkhand Development Catalyst

Bundelkhand has always seen as a third word in this country. Least preference was given to the burning problems of this region. But, I believe that it could be rephrased in another way. The development of any region not only depend on the leaders of the Nation but leaders of that region. And, accountability of those leaders can be improved by public active participation.We can ascend on the ladder of growth only if we as an individual is able to recognize our role for the betterment of our region, which will ultimately leads to development of the Nation.

So, the first question arises, what is active participation and how is it possible for the very common man to think about growth of their region. Here public participation could be viewed as a multicolored spectrum. In which to get a white light participation of each of the seven color is a must. Before solving problems, we must identify them. But, it is not possible for an individual to identify all possible existing problems being faced by the people of any region. So, Make a committee of persons of every age group, gender, religion and community. It will help us to identify the problems by having a round of discussions and debates, and get them listed. Once problems are identified, we can move towards the second step of public participation by approaching the local leadership and administration for solution of those problems. We know that there is a hierarchy in the government administration. If we will move systematically, we will get that problem resolved. But, what I want to add that before approaching local authorities and leaders, first try to figure out solutions of listed problems with the local potential of committee and local citizens by their own.

This is just one of possible approaches we can move with. I am expecting many more suggestions on this issue of development catalyst of Bundelkhand region. What contribution a normal Bundelkhandi can add to its development.

By: Saurabh Singh Raghuvanshi

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