(Article) Railway Budget : Govt Defrauding the Impoverished Bundelkhand? only Rail Neet Plant for Lalitpur.


Why defrauding the government of the impoverished Bundelkhand budget?

Plant established in Lalitpur rail Neerajanam

Union Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, a lot of people of Bundelkhand Rkhani was expected, but the budget did not meet their expectations. Yes, it can be a little bit happy that the railway Neerajanam Lalitpur (bottling) for plant and personnel in Jhansi has been made in the budget for the construction of hostels. Also Jhansi - Mumbai Express has also received a round up, now it will train twice a week. Via Jhansi will undergo two weekly trains, which will bring benefits to the people here.

Lalitpur budget long-standing demand of the people has been completed. The rail Neerajanam (bottling) plant to be set up. Hundreds of people indirectly and indirectly through the plant is expected to employ. Hostel for female employees in Jhansi was transferred from remote areas to become a stay perfect tool will be available to a woman. They do not have to face the problem of housing. On Tuesday evening, the four fifty 11103/11104 Jhansi - Mumbai Express has an extended trip. The train will run twice a week now. Also Kalka Railway Budget was announced - new train that runs between Rsain Nagar Shirdi (bi-weekly) and Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mumbai Central New Route AC Express (weekly) passes through Jhansi. Seven stations will be on the upper rail tunnel rail board. Jhansi Division with half a dozen stations will extend loop lines.

Union minister of state demands were just two of the Jhansi. Minister of State for Rural Development Pradeep Jain budget for the Bundelkhand to prefer more than a dozen of Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal had requested to meet. The Minister of Railways in their just demands Neerajanam Lalitpur and Jhansi Plant - Fera Mumbai Express cater to the increasing demand, while the rest could not be completed.

Could not complete the major demands

  • At a sports stadium in Jhansi railway land
  • Jhansi station building two additional platforms
  • Jhansi - Manikpur approves doubling of rail
  • Agra Jhansi, Bina, Banda and Kanpur on the fast commuter train
  • Jhansi - Lalitpur Lucknow Intercity extend to
  • Jhansi - Manikpur railway line electrification
  • Jhansi station for car washing siding construction of four compartments
  • Renewal of warehousing in Jhansi
  • Passenger trains fourteen Bogion to increase the number of
  • Jhansi - Lucknow Intercity increase in the number of AC coaches
  • Bhopal Shatabdi Express to Delhi in the morning
  • Stay of Shatabdi Express in Lalitpur
  • The direct train to Jhansi Northeast India
  • In Jhansi Railway Recruitment Board Examination Centre

By : Ashish Sagar Dixit