(FAMOUS) Sohan Halwa of Bode Ram Halwai - The Taste of Banda

Sohan Halwa of Banda

बाँदा का प्रसिद्ध सोहन हलवा

The Taste of Banda

Sohan Halwa of Banda is famous because of its nutrient level and earthy taste. People of Banda use to take a pack of it whenever they go to their friends outside as gifts. It is sold in almost every big sweet shop of Banda but Sohan Halwa of Bode Ram Sweet Shop, the oldest sweet shop of Banda (Reg. year 1829) is the best.

Bode Ram Halwai considered to be founder of this sweet and tried all his life to make it popular.

You can get in Banda in below shops.

  • Bode Ram Halwai & Sons,
    Katra, Banda U.P.
  • Basu Sweet House,
    Station Road Banda


     sohan-halwa-banda.jpg (446×399)   Sohan HalwaBode Ram Halwai Banda




Photo Courtesy: Bode Ram & Sons. Banda