(BLOG) Bundelkhand Ki Bhookh : Brajesh ETV

My hunger of news and experimentation forced me to roam in Bundelkhand. For one week the ETV team was in Bundelkhand. The real motto behind the tour was to get the first hand information that how a part of the state has been neglected by the state and central government. To give voice to the voiceless farmers and villagers was the main motive behind the tour.

But it has been only scribbled and is far away from the reality. And it is said that reality bites. This proved when ETV team toured the entire area comprising of 1300 kilometer in a streatch. Reality was far away from imagination. The farmers here were seen in a hurry to sell off their land at a throw away price. And the farmers who could not sell their land or were not able to move commited suicide. Welcome to Bundelkhand where one can comfortably die but can never lead a confortable life. Data screams this to deaf ears- in the last month of this year of the twenty first century 120 including thirty farmers have ended their life.

Alas, nor the government of Uttar Pradesh and nor the Delhi have ever cared to take the stock of Bundelkhand. Cost of land in Noida are touching sky but here in Bundelkhand cost of the land never appreciates but only depriciates. What an irony. Bundelkhand and Noida are part of Uttar Pradesh. This can be said as the best example of regional descrimination. Government says that this land has been armed with the best facility of irrigation. But eyes and bytes of farmers says that nothing has been done here so far.

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