(Book) Bundelkhand Circuit Uttar Pradesh : Lonely Planet

(Book) Bundelkhand Circuit Uttar Pradesh : Lonely Planet

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Bundelkhand Circuit Uttar Pradesh (Lonely Planet) 9781760342449 By - Supriya Sehgal Peppered with fairytale forts, the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh throws up stunning surprises amidst its tangle of shrubby dhak trees and miles of countryside. You will unearth plenty of legends and folklore that will bring alive the legacies of the Chandela and Bundela kings who once ruled this land. Here, a keen love for history, an investigative eye and a vivid imagination will be your trusted allies. Discover the Bundelkhand region with a guide that you can trust. Visit forts that rise extravagantly above the dusty sun-scorched land, ancient temples where tales from the epics played out and a sprinkling of Jain pilgrimage sites that make Bundelkhand a compelling place to explore. Our expert authors will guide you to must-see sights and experiences, give you loads of reliable practical information and help you get the best possible value for money. Go armed with all the information you need without being bogged down by unnecessary details

A fusion of inimitable architecture, stories of dynastic struggles and roaming the stark arid topography, which has witnessed the valour of some of the most eminent freedom fighters of India, will leave you in thrall at Bundelkhand.

Bundelkhand lies wedged between the Indo-Gangetic Plain to the north and the low Vindhya Mountain range to the south. The topography looks bleak with vast tracts of pale rocky land clinging to either side of the roads – a dull brown scape broken by the green of the shrubby dhak copses. Sparse vegetation, barren hills and the criss-crossing rivers in the plains offer a typical perspective of the Central India topography. Large shimmering rivers Sindh, Betwa, Shahzad River, Ken, Bagahin, Tons, Pahuj, Dhasan and Chambal meander through the entire region, lending themselves to the construction of many small and big dams across them. Three low mountain ranges dissect the region, their steep slopes and insurmountable scarps having made eligible sites for forts and palaces for the erstwhile rulers.

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Book: Bundelkhand Circuit Uttar Pradesh : Lonely Planet

ISBN-13: 9781760342449

Binding: Binding Type

Publishing Date: 2016-02

Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications

Number of Pages: 68

Language: English

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