Brihaspati Kund, बृहस्पति कुण्ड - Panna Bundelkhand पन्ना बुंदेलखंड

Brihaspati Kund, is situated in Pahari Khera village (near Kalinjar Fort ), of Panna District of Madhya Pradesh, which is part of Bundelkhand.

At this place Devguru (Relegious Teacher of Gods) - Brihaspati had founded an Ashram and performed his Yagnas.

Later Lord Rama has visited here to meet various Rishis during exile period.

The  Distance of Brihaspati Kund from Pahari Khera village is about 6Km southwards.

You can see natural beauty of Baghein(Baghin) River valley and Waterfalls from Here.


Brihaspati Kund PHOTO GALLERY 

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Brihaspati Kund Rock (Cave) Paintings

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