Chironji Halwa & Barfi, Sagar (M.P.)

Chironji Halwa of Sagar

सागर का प्रसिद्ध चिरोंजी का हलवा 

Shri Jamuna Prasad Choudhary invented a sweet named "Chironji ka halwa" which is the premier product available in this shop and is even carried to US, UAE, UK and other far regions of this world on demand of many who tested it before. Chironji (aka Charoli) is a dry fruit which is mostly grown in the forests and collected by tribals. Chironji is an expensive dry fruit with multiple health benefits and with a limited supply. The sweet is normally sold hot in loose state and hence it is called halwa. it is cooked in pure Desi Ghee (clarified butter).

Chironji Ki Barfi

Don't forget to buy Chironji Ki Barfi for your relatives, Sagar's favourite sweet. It is available in many shops, but the original one for which this became famous was available on Choudhary Misthaan Bhandar,Teen Batti Katra Bazar.

You can get in Sagar DIstrcit in below shops.

  • Choudhary Misthaan Bhandar
    Teen Batti Katra Bazar, Sagar (M.P.)
    Mobile No: +91-7582-244053, +91-9406531801

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Photo Courtesy: Choudhary Sweets, Sagar