(ARTICLE) Banda: The worst sufferer of Environmental Changes

Today is 5th June, World Environment Day. This Article is special issue to mark this day!!  

Banda: The worst sufferer of Environmental Changes

Aamir Hussain (Bandainfo.com). 5th June 2007, Banda

If you are a Bandaist and if you feel for your environment then this article will be an eye-opener for you. The 21st century has brought us new challenges specially in the form of  natural calamities and disasters. Our District Banda, no doubt, is the worst sufferer.

Every year, Chikunguniya and Meningitis diseases are taking toll of large no. of local  people. The non-uniform change in temperature and humidity has given birth to many a new viruses who are responsible for these diseases. Due to environmental instability, Aedes Mosquito ( the carrier of Malaria) can now survive at much higher temperature and thus has become more dangerous for human beings. This instability has resulted in the form of some new species of insects and plants which are poisonous. The uncontrolled emission of Carbon dioxide has promoted the growth of some vines and plants which emits carbon dioxide in place of oxygen. The Mediterranean plant tribullers teres is one such species which is poisonous and induces allergic effects in  human beings.

Reckless felling of trees and disappearance of forest cover have raised problems of Flood and Drought. How odd it seems that district is facing drought and water-crisis and Banda administration is busy in planning strategy to fight feared flood. The same episode repeat itself every year. Price hike in agro goods and products, suicides of farmers are all borne by drought. By the beginning of July, many portions of the city and its nearby villages shall be flooded. Apart from the loss of Life and value goods, it destructs vegetable productivity and increase chances of epidemic. Every year the problem of flood and drought struck the city.

Water-crisis is another burning issue. In summer, the taps sputter only for few minutes and there is silence for the whole day. The ground water of Banda is sinking low by 65cm every year, the fastest rate in Northern India. According to Conservation of Ground Water Board (CGWB), water of Banda district is saline and poisonous too. The harmful biological content dissolved in ponds of Banda is 15mg/L  i.e. unsafe for human consumption. In Patha region of Manikpur, the problem of scarcity of water is on high. People of this region have to travel miles to fetch a pile of potable water. This situation is becoming worse with each passing day.

There are lots of other problem too which are about to break their dormancy. One such issue is gradual decrease in land swept and irrigated by Ken river and increase of biological content in its water. The other is rapid increase in use of poly-bags and its aftermath. In the year 2004, then DM of Banda, Mr. M. K. Meshram banned the use of poly-bags but soon after his transfer the ban was lifted.

An Ecosystem is flora, fauna and all what surrounds us. The fauna of Bundelkhand is also suffering pre-effects of environmental breakdown. The fauna life of Ranipur Wildlife Reserve of Manikpur is the epitome. Earlier large no. of Siberian cranes and flamingoes used to visit the region for there winter stay. But increase of use of pesticides in fields, unavailability of food and shelter has drifted them away. The Jungle fire engulfs large no. of flora and fauna every year. 

The large scale crushing of stones and mountains has "contributed" in the increase of air and sound pollution in a greater way. Moreover, there is increase in the cases of diseases all relating to lungs. This is chiefly because of the particulate dust particles produced during the crushing of stones.

The crux of all the issues is to generate awareness among the people. But more important is to do something now because there will be no tomorrow waiting for us as 'in today lies our tomorrow'. If you turn around and look at the bigger picture then you will find that prosperity and eradication of all evils from bundelkhand lies in the protection of Environment.

P.S.- Its not like that you should do everything to protect environment. Start with a single resolution and see the things changing. For example: you can start with prohibition of polythene bags or aerosol products. All the Best:) Save Banda and Secure Future.

Flood - A Familiar Disaster to Banda City

Drought - Taken toll of hundreds in last few years in Banda

Forest Fire- Continuous Loss of Flora and Fauna

Flamingoes: Birds of Beauty are no more visitors of Bundelkhand

Photo Courtesy: BBC UK