Free EBook PDF : आवर्तणशील खेती : Aavartansheel Kheti (Periodic Proportionate Farming) by Farmer Prem Singh

आवर्तणशील खेती : Aavartansheel Kheti
(Periodic Proportionate Farming)

Author: Farmer Prem Singh

Periodic Proportionate Farming
A definite way for the respectability and prosperity of peasants and equilibrium of Nature.

Translated by Subhash S. Anandaraja

Edited by Cheryl Colopy (Journalist,U.S.A)
Special article by: Johan D’hulster (Farmer & Environmentalist, Belgium)



The Farmers connect heaven and earth
The humane agrarian centre
Some preliminary notes
Aavartansheel Kheti
The praxis of agriculture
First conference
Aavartansheel Kheti
(Periodic Proportionate Farming)
Assumptions of Aavartansheel Kheti
Presence of Law, Control and Equilibrium in Nature
In nature all things and matter are in definite proportion
Nature in the form of Qualitative Growth is .....
Both sided satisfaction in Nature, no concern of.....
Farming is the subject of Family and Village ......
The Value of Natural splendour is infinite
Five Steps of ‘Aavartansheel Kheti’
1st Step : Jungle / Orchard / Garden

4th Step : Composting and mix cropping...
5th Step : Production and Processing
Post Script-1
Five Characteristics of autonomous farmers
1- Self-sufficiency in free thinking.
2- Self-sufficiency in energy requirements.
3- Self-sufficiency in maintaining soil fertility
4- Self-sufficiency in seeds.
5- Self-sufficiency in water.
Post Script-2
Excessive Human Greed
Effort and Tendency ....
Tendency to Take Much by giving nothing
Depreciation of Farmer’s produce through Deceit and Fraud
Cyclical Farming, Pleading for a Plentiful India
The Need to revalue the Sacred Cow....
The First and Essential Cycle
No Farming without Landscape
TheWonder of the New Formation of Humus
Learning to understand Soil Fertility
Assessing Soil Quality Yourself
Economically viable nitrogen supply....
Preserving Life Forces
Opting for Biodiversity
Balancing Carbon and Nitrogen
Responsible Dependence

2nd Step : Role of Animals in AK
3rd Step : Grazing in Cyclic order


Courtesy: Shri Prem Singh