(Idea) Intellectuals group to monitor the implementation of Bundelkhand Package.

Should not, we the public make an intellectuals group to survey the
implementation of the govt. fund in Bundelkhand ? We should chose 25
high literate social persons 2 from each city........

We need to select the influential and learned members who are
experienced and having a blot less career through out their lifetime.
In this category we should prefer retired
Judges,Principals,administration retired army officers high court
judges sort of persons.
Because presently I am living in Jaipur for last one year so just now
I am unable to memorize but In the days to come I can suggest a
few,after making a good query.
Please keep searching on,I will be back very soon.

- Avinash Dixit.

just as a suggestion .... i would like to thanks for
your brillient idea ...... but the group of two individual should not
only choosen from the city and not on the basis of higher education.
it should be based on the interest of the people who realy want to
change our bundelkhand regions.... and try to engage people who are
living in the village and fighting for the survielence in each day
each hour..... they might be helpful to tell the vast and perfect
allocation of the allotted fund for bundelkhand region by the
goverment in a grassroot level.
And make a team of people from each village who are literates and very
angry about the governments work..

thanking you sir
suneel ahirwar

Dear Sunil,You are correct the root level should be there to justify the implementation of the funds. It is a must to search about,so here we can make a sub group consisting of those who really experience it.But after all they can not ask on the administrative level but certainly give a vital feed back to the city level where onwards actions can be taken on the bases of RTI. - Thanks