History of Banda, District - Bundelkhand India

In prehistoric times Bundelkhand region seems to have been inhabited by primitive people, the ADIVASIS.

The earliest known Aryan people associated with this region were the CEEDIS mentioned in rigveda. The earliest known traditional ruler of this region was YAYATI whose eldest son YADU had inherited this region, which was later, named CHEDI-DESHA by his offsprings.

The sacred hill fortress Kalinjar is mentioned in the Vedas as one of the tapasya-sthanas or spots adapted to practices of austere devotions. The great sage BAMDEO from whom this district derives its name BAMDA (later BANDA) lived in this region.

Lord RAMA has spent 12 of the 14 years of his exile at Chitrakut, which was part of Banda upto a few years ago.

The famous Kalinjar-hill (Kalanjaradri) is said to have derived its name from Lord Shiva himself who is the main deity of Kalinjar called NILKANTHA even today.

Mahabharata has numerous mention of this region, so much so that bathing in devine lakes of Kalinjar was equated to the merit (punya) of the gift of 1000 cows.

The puranas do mention this region and this is much talked about in Ramayana too.

By: Vedprakash Sharma
Courtesy: Rediff.com