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Bipin Bihari P.G. Collage, Name after the great Saint Guru & the then Principal of Macdonnall High School Hon’ble Bipin Bihari Banerji, is a well known science collage of U.P. Science its inception in 1959 it has grown to one of the exemplary institution of higher education and research. It is well known for its administration discipline and academic matters.

It is a grant-in-aid institution and approved by the U.G.C. under 2(F) 12 B in various programmes. The reputation of the collage has attracted the attention of national institutions as well as industries which come for campus selection.

It has three campuses, the first campus consists of administrative block, it’s annexe having guest room & meeting room, Botanical garden, N.C.C., Game, Study center of Indira Gandhi National Open University in addition to Bank & Vehicle stend. The second campus consists of central library, Botany, Silvipasture, N.S.S., Physics, Zoology, Microbiology departments and a computer center in conformity with the latest development. The third campus consists of chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Industrial fish & fisheries departments and class rooms. A huge meeting hall exists in between the second & third campus. Every department is furnished with separate genset, in addition there are two separate centrally operated generators. Over the years it has not only grown in size and acquired a true national character but remained committed to academic quality of teaching and higher standers of research.

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