(Info) Climate of Bundelkhand Region



Climate of Bundelkhand Region

Temperature Pattern in Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand is a hot and semi-humid region.

Minimum temperature varies from around 6 deg C in Chhatarpur to 12 deg C in Sagar. Maximum temperature varies from 38 deg C in Sagar to 43 deg C in Banda.

Generally hottest days are in May and coldest days in December or January. The lowest temperature recorded in the region is 0.6 deg C in Banda and Chhatarpur, in January 1962 and February 1905 respectively.

The highest temperature was recorded in Banda - 47.8 deg C in May 1950.

Actual local temperatures are much higher, due to local conditions such as lack of haze and radiation from rocky soils or outcrops.

Banda is one of the hottest places in India, and several people die of sunstroke here every year. On June 14 and 15, 1995, day temperatures reportedly shot up to 52 deg C in Banda, resulting in hundreds of deaths within 24 hours.

Violent local squalls of short duration are sometimes generated in summer. The cloud of dust can be so thick that it becomes dark even during the day.

Courtesy : bundelkhandinfo.org