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Religious Groups in Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand's population is overwhelmingly Hindu. The percentage of Hindu population in UP Bundelkhand is much higher than the percentage in UP as a whole. It is also higher than the MP average in MP Bundelkhand, and including both parts of Bundelkhand, the percentage of Hindu population is much higher than the India average as well (see table).

Coexisting with mainstream Hinduism are various streams of folk religion that continue to exert powerful influence in rural areas (read about cults and local deities). Notable also is worship at sati shrines.

Bundelkhand’s main religious groups (Census 2001)

District Main religious groups (% of total pop)
UP districts  
Jhansi Hindus (91.3), Muslims (7.4)
Lalitpur Hindus (94.8), Muslims (2.5), Jains (2)
Jalaun Hindus (89.3), Muslims (10)
Hamirpur Hindus (91.9), Muslims (8)
Mahoba Hindus (93), Muslims (6.7)
Banda Hindus (91.5), Muslims (8.2)
Chitrakoot Hindus (96.2), Muslims (3.5)
MP districts  
Datia Hindus (94.5), Muslims (3.7), Buddhists (1.5)
Chhatarpur Hindus (95.2), Muslims (3.9)
Tikamgarh Hindus (95.6), Muslims (3), Jains (1.2)
Panna Hindus (95.8), Muslims (3.5), Jains (1)
Damoh Hindus (93.7), Muslims (3.8), Jains (2.2)
Sagar Hindus (92.4), Muslims (4.1), Jains (3)
UP state average Hindus (80.6), Muslims (18.5)
MP state average Hindus (91.2), Muslims (6.4)
India average Hindus (80.5), Muslims (13.4), Christians (2.3), Sikhs (1.9)

Percentages derived from Census figures. Only religious groups constituting over 1% of population mentioned.

Courtesy : bundelkhandinfo.org