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Acute water crisis hits Bundelkhand
Rubina Khan

When drought, desperation and inefficiency collide, what you have is a parched and tense Bundelkhand, which now has a new reason for violence - water.

''Ninety per cent people are not getting water and the attack on the municipal corporation is a result of that,'' says Munna Tewary, a resident of Chhattarpur.

In Bundelkhand, water tankers themselves have become high security zones.

''Incidents of violence over water is now common and that is why we have made proper security arrangement to deal with the situation,'' says Anil Mishra, additional SP, Chhattarpur.

And in Niwardhi village nearby, if you're lucky you might win the water lottery, which decides who gets it first and how much.

''The lottery system ensures that there is no controversy and no fight,'' says Nirmala Devi, a resident of the Niwardhi village.

Luck, it seems, is not on Bundelkhand's side.

Bundelkhand, distributed across Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, for the past four years, is witnessing its longest drought, ever. And the crisis is forcing people to take law in their hands.

Courtesy: NDTV