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In the name of plantation, Bundelkhand gets dried saplings

dried saplinghe state government’s ambitious plan to plant 10 crore tree-saplings in the drought-prone Bundelkhand region is going on full steam — but only on paper.

Despite shortage of saplings and land, the officials are planting dried saplings to meet the target. And in Jalaun and Mahoba they were caught red-handed by district administration.

“Successful plantation” is shown on paper with remarks like “lakshya ki poorti ki gayi (targets have been met)”.

This year, the region has received good rainfall and there is a less possibility of saplings drying up. But in Mahoba district alone, 10,000 dried saplings were found in the last week. Of these, 8,000 were planted recently.

“We found that many of these saplings were totally dried up. The leaves were dry and there was no chance of their survival. Yet, these saplings were shown as plantation and marked in the ‘target achieved’ list,” said an official.




Picture Courtesy: Erland Howden

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