(News) High Drama In Assembly Over Bundelkhand

High Drama In Assembly Over Bundelkhand

Cutting across party lines, legislators from Bundelkhand raised the issue of drought and hunger deaths in the state Assembly on Wednesday.

The Samajwadi Party legislators staged a walkout expressing dissatisfaction with the state government’s reply while Congress legislator Vivek Singh threatened to immolate himself if “effective steps” were not taken to improve the conditions in Bundelkhand.

Another Congress legislator Pradeep Jain threatened to hold officers posted in Bundelkhand hostage if they do not change their callous ways.

But despite all the drama, the state government refused to waive the loans of farmers in Bundelkhand.

The Opposition moved an adjournment notice on the Bundelkhand issue today, which resulted in a heated exchange between legislators in the house.

Congress leader Jain said, “Bundelkhand has been facing a severe drought for the last five years and 195 farmers have committed suicide in the region.” Comparing the situation with Kalahandi in Orissa, Jain alleged the state is passing the buck to the Centre.

Vivek Singh said Bundelkhand should be made a separate state as the government had done nothing concrete to provide relief to the farmers.

Refusing to kowtow to party lines, Ashok Chandel of SP said he will support the resolution of a separate state.

SP leader Vishambhar Nishad accused the government of mocking the starving farmers by giving them cheques of Rs 250. He added that in a few villages, the cheques were issued to the dead.

Replying on behalf of the state government, Naseemuddin Siddiqui accepted the water crisis and said reservoirs in Bundelkhand do not have enough water. He assured the legislators that tubewells will be installed soon.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Lalji Verma said the state government had asked the Centre for a package on the lines of Vidarbha.


Courtesy : Express India