(NEWS) Rewriting rules and making headlines - Khabar Lahariya

Rewriting rules and making headlines - rural women reporters show how

By Arpana, New Delhi, July 19 : With their grit and drive, they could be making headlines. But this group of women from Uttar Pradesh write them instead in their fortnightly newspaper Khabar Lahariya that goes to 200 villages and represents the best in journalistic courage and ethics.

Meera, Shanti, Kavita, Mithilesh... from the Chitrakoot and Banda districts in the heart of India's most populous state are award-winning journalists, whose newspaper in the Bundeli language has broken stories, pinned the administration on varied issues and presented a societal mirror on gender, health and other issues.

But they are also women who have stepped out of their homes and sheltered existence to earn a living through an abiding commitment towards everyday truths - bettering their life and that of of others around them.

The behind-the-headlines story of the eight-page newspaper brought out by the group of Dalit women and the behind-the-scenes look at their lives has been effectively captured in the short film "Taza Khabar - Hot Off The Press" by Delhi-based filmmaker Bishakha Dutta.

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Courtesy: IANS, NewKerala.com